On this website you will find out all the latest information about my ka. There will also be information on club events and the latest news about your ka's. There is also a gallery section which needs filling, so please send me pictures of your ka.

New Website - Version 3

I hope you all like my new website, my old one was getting a bit difficult to update so I decided to knock this one up. You can still visit my old sites but they're not going to be updated.


My latest ka buddy from Portugal - 04/08/2006

This ka belongs to Darwin Rigamonti from Portugal, hes a really nice guy and he has a nice ka. He's in the process of modding it. His ka has a 1000cc engine but he wants to take that out and replace it with a 1600cc. They have a great ka website in Portugal, its a bit hard to understand though because it is in Portugues. Check out kaclube

Ka's spotted in Nottingham - 14/06/2006

These are some ka's I have spotted in the last couple of weeks!

My Ka With Quadconversions BodyKit - Latest Pictures - 09/05/2006

These pictures are of my ka and where taken on Tuesday the 9th of May 2006. It was a nice warm day so I decided to give my ka a wash and a wax so I could take some really nice pictures for my insurance company.